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Highly reliable and professional air polishing (Teeth Stain Removal) services in Chelsea

Even with good oral hygiene, keeping our teeth white and shining is not possible as we develop stains on the tooth surface with the passage of time that result from pigmented foods, drinks and routine habits. Air polishing not only helps to remove these stains but freshens up the mouth with its bicarbonate of soda and lemon mixture.

At our Chelsea dental clinic, we specialize in air polishing, a fantastic and effective means to improve your smile by quickly and effectively removing stains from the tooth surface, leaving your mouth fresh and cleansed. Now you can look better and feel more confident by having a bright and beautiful smile.

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Before & After Air Polish with AirFlow

What makes air polishing the preferred means of dental cleaning?

The best thing about air polishing is that it is a gentle procedure which is absolutely free of any pain and does not generate sound, heat or pressure, thus keeping the patients relaxed. It is especially effective for those who experience dental anxiety as it is a drill less treatment and minimizes the need for anesthesia.

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How it works?

The Air-Flow technology delivers a controlled stream of compressed powder, air and water against the tooth surface that removes all types of stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco from the front and back of the teeth.

Air polishing is a dental hygiene treatment that has been specifically developed to keep your teeth clean and white and helps you look good without going through any pain. It is becoming very popular among patients and is a highly recommended treatment when it comes to extensively cleaning the teeth.  You will actually feel fresh and light after air polishing as your teeth are cleaned with help of a special hand piece that carefully sprays a fine jet of bicarbonate of soda and lemon leading to whiter and stainless teeth.

Getting your teeth air polished has some great therapeutic benefits:

  • It removes plaque that helps to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease around natural teeth and implants
  • It is more effective than traditional polish as it uses the latest Air-Flow technology
  • It is very gentle on the tooth and does not cause any pain to those having sensitive teeth
  • It leaves the patients with smooth surface teeth


As a part of preventative dentistry, air polishing aims to keep the teeth and gums healthy by removing all types of stains and the resulting tarter and plague that and leads to various dental issues in the long run. Air polishing gives you instantly sparkling teeth and fresh breath, conserving healthy tooth structure at the same time.

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