Toothache Pain in tooth
The agony of wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth, also known as third and last molar which erupts between the ages of 18 to 25. Wisdom tooth is more like vestigial organ, not being used for chewing or have any vital oral function. It is recognised mostly by the throbbing pain it causes during the eruption. Since other molars take their places … Continue reading “The agony of wisdom tooth”

Gum disease
Life changing oral infections

We, the humans have achieved unimaginable heights in all grounds especially medical & dentistry. With every minute passed, we quest for more knowledge, and practical solutions. Our desire of seeking new opportunities, and overcoming our challenges may not ever end. Some of us have contributed enormously either because of the abilities, and hidden talents we … Continue reading “Life changing oral infections”

Bad breath
Causes of Bad Breath

Most of us feel really embarrassed about bad breath but do not know what causes it and how to treat it most effectively. It is important to understand that 85% of bad breath originates in the mouth and most of it comes from the tongue which means that due to the poor oral hygiene, bacteria … Continue reading “Causes of Bad Breath”