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Zeiss® Microscope – Advanced dental technology in Chelsea

Operating Zeiss® Microscope

At Dr. Shenas Dental Clinic, we use Zeiss® Microscope to carry out the most significant aspects of dental procedures that play a key role in diagnosis and treatment of various dental problems. Zeiss Microscope is one of the latest and most innovative inventions of this decade that have played a key role in taking dentistry to next level.

Dr. Shenas is an expert dentist who has been serving the field of dentistry for more than 15 years now and understands the complexities of dental procedures and only uses the most reliable and professional instruments to deliver the best results to his patients.

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How Zeiss Microscope works?

These dental microscopes have been specifically designed to provide ideal magnification of the area of the mouth which is being worked on by the dentist.  The dentist can see the minutest of details and fine structures of the tooth very clearly as they are illuminated by a strong and heavy-duty light. It also enables the dentist to maintain a comfortable position while obtaining an optimal view of the working area and focus on the patient most efficiently for best results without getting tired or having sore muscles due to continuous bending.

Top benefits of Zeiss Microscope

  • Improved lighting that helps in locating additional root canals and thoroughly cleaning prepared canals
  • Better detection and evaluation of root fractures and abnormalities
  • Minimizes size of surgical sites that reduces patient discomfort and healing time
  • Improved accuracy of micro-surgical incisions and suturing, permitting precise tissue/tissue and tissue/tooth approximation for better healing
  • High resolution videos that aid in patient education, enhanced training and insurance documentation

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Zeiss Microscope also helps dentist adopt a relaxed posture during treatment as the comfortable and upright position helps to prevent fatigue and body pain in the long run.

This microscope is most often used during endodontic procedures but they are also ideal for oral surgery, laser dentistry, restorative procedures, and a range of other clinical situations with their boosted magnifications and aid dentists in accurate diagnosis and treatment. Microscope technology from Zeiss, one of the leading technology enterprises has enabled dentists to visualize high-contrast and natural images that help them improve the quality of examination and treatment.

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