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In Chelsea, veneers are the answer to your defected, irregular, broken, gapped, or chipped teeth

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Are you concerned about defected, irregular, broken, gapped, or chipped teeth? Have you thought about changing the way your teeth look, then you may consider having veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin, tooth coloured porcelain covers that are custom designed to fit over the front facing surface of the teeth. With help of veneers, your stained, chipped, broken or defected teeth will be covered by a thin shell of composite or porcelain veneer bonded to the outer surface of original teeth, thus giving it a feeling of being flawless, straight, white, and natural teeth.

Advancements in dental industry have put veneers on top of the list for restoring best smiles as they look and feel natural. This process is mostly used for front or exposed teeth, giving you the liberty to talk and smile with confidence.

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What level of Perfection should I expect?

Level of perfection depends upon the number of veneers you require. There are no specific set of recommendation for number of veneers, it truly depends upon condition of your teeth, and your dentist. Most common practice is to veneer from centre outwards in set of one or two to ensure symmetry and perfection.

Are veneers pain free? ­­­

Veneering is 100% pain free. Veneers are the most effective way of restoring your teeth and give you a perfect smile. Latest techniques do not necessitate grinding or local anaesthesia. It is all about precision, accuracy, and symmetrical bonding of veneer on your natural teeth.

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Can I get veneers done in 1 day?

With technology advancements, we now offer same day pain free veneers. No impressions, no temporaries, and no multiple visits.

How many appointments do I need?

Generally veneers can be placed in a single or two appointments of 90 minutes each. First appointment requires impressions, whereas second requires cementation of the veneers.

How long does veneer last?

Veneers last approximately about 10 years with good dental care. Since porcelain becomes durable and stronger over the time, therefore lifespan significantly increases. Veneers are still prone to damage as compared to the natural teeth.

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