Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath

Most of us feel really embarrassed about bad breath but do not know what causes it and how to treat it most effectively. It is important to understand that 85% of bad breath originates in the mouth and most of it comes from the tongue which means that due to the poor oral hygiene, bacteria and other agents in our mouth lead to this problem. Dentists believe that bad breath is also a result of the food type we consume, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

What leads to bad breath?

  • If you have persistent bad breath, it might be caused by the smelly gases that are released by the bacteria that coat the teeth and gums
  • Eating strong foods like garlic and onions add to the problem and cause smelling breath
  • Smoking is one of the main causes of bad breath
  • Nasal and stomach problems also result in bad breath if left untreated for a long time
  • Sometimes dental decay and gum diseases also cause bad breath if they are not controlled on time and they develop to such an extent that they affect your breath too

Dealing with bad breath most effectively

  • It is important to know that keeping the tongue clean helps to remove unwanted bacteria and the coating from the tongue’s surface that leads to bad breath
  • Proper brushing and regular flossing is important to get rid of the food particles that get stuck between the teeth and lead to unpleasant smell

Visit our dentist if you think that you are having persistent bad breath and you will be thoroughly examined. The dentist might clean your teeth professionally removing any food particles and giving you fresh breath.  In addition to this, the dentist will look for problems that are causing bad breath and help you look forward to healthy teeth and fresh smelling mouth.