Life changing oral infections

Gum disease

We, the humans have achieved unimaginable heights in all grounds especially medical & dentistry. With every minute passed, we quest for more knowledge, and practical solutions. Our desire of seeking new opportunities, and overcoming our challenges may not ever end. Some of us have contributed enormously either because of the abilities, and hidden talents we were born with or learnt, and practiced over the time.

As we move forward, we find more diseases, learn their causes, and develop a strategy, medicines, and machines that help us fight back. Similarly, our body has one common structural element built for natural cure the ‘Immune system’ “The organs and processes of the body that provide resistance to infection and toxins”.

Besides a tough built, human body is prone to infections, especially oral infections. Immune system works hard to keep germs out of our body with the help of antibodies, and lymph nodes that are vital part of immune system. Lymph nodes generate white blood cells capable of fighting back infections but their success rate of winning small battles being fought every second within our body is not 100%. Which is why certain type of oral infections require some additional tests, and high doses of medicines prescribed by a dentist.

Types of Oral Infections and their causes:



Gingivitis is a medical term for early diagnoses of gum disease. According to the survey, 50 -90% of the people are infected with this type of gum disease which is mostly left untreated. This results into severity of the gum disease problem.

When bacteria settles in gum’s crevices, they release toxins. Our gums reacts to these toxins, and thus result in inflammation, swelling, and bleeding.

Gingivitis bacteria not only harm your oral health, it also is one of the causes of phenomena when bacteria is inhaled into lungs (According to American Academy of Periodontology).

Dental Caries:

Dental Caries

Dental Caries, tooth decay, or cavity is caused by bacteria which constantly release various toxins & acids around the gums and on the enamel surface. If we’re not in a habit of regularly brushing, and flossing, these toxins sit there, and do their magic. It all starts when bacteria in plaque react with sugar content in our food, which results into a release of acid. This acid then starts attacking enamel surface and consequentially cause dental caries.

Periodontal Disease:

Periodontal Disease

According to the definition “Peri” means around, and “odontal” refers to teeth. When Gingivitis spreads below the gums, and penetrate into the bones it causes a tooth loss. Periodontal disease is an infection that surrounds the pockets of teeth resulting into inflammation of gums, destruction of tissues, and bone. Luckily, periodontal diseases are treatable. By scaling and root planning dentist should be able to take away the plaque and tartar deposits, and as a consequence periodontal pockets of teeth starts shrinking back to their normal state.

Aphthous ulcers / Canker Sores:

Aphthous ulcers / Canker Sores

Canker sores are caused by number of factors that mainly include: injury to the mouth, acidic or spicy foods, vitamin deficiencies, hormones, stress, or autoimmune disorders. With the help of oral medication, canker sores heal with in one to two weeks but it is dually important to get the actual cause checked by following up with your dentist. In case of severe canker sores, few additional tests with high doses of medicines might be prescribed for swift healing.

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